Student Objectives

  • Acquire bible knowledge appropriate for his or her age level.
  • To cultivate the heart of a servant patterned after the example of Jesus Christ.
  • Achieve a level of academic excellence in accordance with his/her maximum potential.
  • Learn to make choices and that with each choice comes consequence.

Emergency Procedures

Fire drills and tornado drills are conducted each month.

In the event of a tornado, students will be taken to the school basement.

Potty Training and Extra Clothing

It is the schools policy that your child at least be in the process of potty training. We know accidents will happen, so we ask that you bring a spare change of clothes and underwear to school in a school size backpack, labeled with your child’s name. 


Breakfast, lunch and a snack are served at no cost.

Breakfast: 730am-8am
Lunch: 11am -12pm
Snack: 2pm

Cycle menus are followed and posted around the building.

We participate in the child nutrition program.

If you choose to furnish your child’s meals please do not send colas or glass containers. Also, we are unable to heat or refrigerate food or drinks.

Please notify your child’s teacher and the office if your child has food allergies. Documentation from a doctor will be requested for certain food allergies such as milk.

Educational Objectives

At HCCC, we strive to provide developmentally appropriate activities that will foster and help each child reach developmental goals and milestones.

We focus on the four areas of development:

  • Cognitive
  • Language
  • Small and gross motor
  • Social and emotional

Young children learn best through creativity and play. Teachers are required to write and follow lesson plans that have 50% teacher directed activities and 50 % child directed activities. Children are given time to play in the learning centers around their classroom as well as small amounts of time doing instructional work at the tables. Circle time is conducted each morning. Art and music are also included in daily lesson planning.

Our goal is to give each child a head start and to help prepare children for school. We understand and respect that each child learns and develops at his or her own rate.

  • Chapel will be held each morning to teach monthly bible story.
  • The concepts and values of the bible as practical guides to life shall be taught.
  • Academic excellence that provides opportunities for optimum development of each child is a top priority.
  • Develop each child to his/her highest potential, academically, physically, mentally, socially, emotionally, and spiritually
  • Acceptable and no-acceptable behavior will be taught.
  • Parents are considered a part of the educational process.


We try in our discipline to:

  1. Teach by Christian example
  2. Be consistent
  3. Have a positive approach, using patience, kind firmness, love and understanding.
  4. Never use sarcasm
  5. Be good listeners
  6. Talk to children not at them
  7. Teach children to use good choices resulting in good consequences.

Rest Period

Children will have a rest period each afternoon. You will be required to furnish your child’s pillow, body pillow-pillow case, sheet, blanket and 2-inch thick mat. Please put your child’s name on each item. DHS regulations require mats to be at least 2 inches thick.